Band Member Bios

  • Scott Larson

    Scott Larson with Franco Nero SkaBorn in Kingston in 1943 Don Drummond's music career began early, playing trombone with the Eric Deans All-Stars and various other artists & groups. With the birth of ska Don became one of the original members of the The Skatalites and was a household name in Jamaica. He composed many songs for The Skatalites, two of which made it to the UK top 10 in the mid 1960's (Man In The Street & Guns Of Navarone). With over 200 songs under his belt he was considered the busiest man in ska music.

  • Audio Angel

    Audio Angel
    Audio Angel is in love with the dancefloor. Whether performing or not,
    she's been known to become downright anti-social in the midst of clubs
    and parties because her attention has always been THE MUSIC. She is
    heralded by musical lovers globally, because her focus while singing
    and emceeing is the same, THE MUSIC. With almost 2 decades under
    her feet, and over a decade on the mic, her greatest days as an
    underground music lover still lay ahead because she focuses on staying
    perpetually inspired by the multitude of styles and talent surrounding

  • Lisa Mezzacappa

    Lisa Mezzacappa Copyright Peter GannushkinLisa Mezzacappa is a double bassist, composer, collaborator and musical instigator. Her music lives in the intersection of improvisation and composition, and her projects often integrateimprovised music into public spaces and cross-disciplinary works. She studied bass with Michael Formanek, improvisation with Henry Threadgill and Myra Melford, and has workshopped with the Sun RaArkestra, Bob Moses, Meredith Monk and David Murray, among others.


  • Jay Standards

     Jay_StandardsMusician and melodic explorer Jay Sanders has wielded his trumpet and piano across many a Bay Area establishment over the years.  Raised in Santa Cruz, CA. Jay discovered music at an early age on his own terms, playing along to songs off the radio until he was introduced to jazz via the teachings of notable bay area jazz educators Ray Brown, Dizzy Gillespie,

  • Nick Rous

    San Francisco native Nick Rous has constantly been exposed to many diverse forms of music and artistic expression. This is reflected in his composition and playing. He studied saxophone under Benny Miller (former lead tenor for The Duke Ellington Orchestra and Jay Mc Shan) from age 14 to age 19, then moved on to study at Sonoma State University. There he studied saxophone with local legend Harvey Weinaple, chamber music and piano with Marilyn Thompson and improvisation, composition and arranging with Jazz great Mel Graves. After graduating with distinction, he went on to immerse himself in the San Francisco music scene, playing Jazz, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Salsa, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock and Blues. He has performed with the internationally known


  • John Finkbeiner

    John FinkbeinerJohn is an engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He has studied engineering with Myles Boisen, guitar with Morris Acevedo, Myles Boisen, and Richard Festinger, and musical drinking straw with Aaron Bennett. John has worked on records with Fred Frith, Crime, Knights of the New Crusade, Tango No. 9, Aphrodesia,

  • John Hanes

    John Hanes has been playing drums in the Bay Area for over 30 years. From Diamonda Galas to Etta James, from Starbucks commercials to Werner Herzog's  "Grizzly Man" soundtrack, from Oakland Opera Theater's production of Anthony Davis's "X, the Life and Times of Malcolm X"