Scott Larson

Scott Larson with Franco Nero SkaBorn in Kingston in 1943 Don Drummond's music career began early, playing trombone with the Eric Deans All-Stars and various other artists & groups. With the birth of ska Don became one of the original members of the The Skatalites and was a household name in Jamaica. He composed many songs for The Skatalites, two of which made it to the UK top 10 in the mid 1960's (Man In The Street & Guns Of Navarone). With over 200 songs under his belt he was considered the busiest man in ska music.


 Franco Nero pays tribute to Don Drummond, and his compositions, keeping ska alive. Trombonist Scott Larson has assembled a crew of his favorite musicians to skank hard and steady. Ska combines Caribbean beats, with the jazz improvisations, to form a truly original music. Franco Nero performs original music by Scott Larson, and covers music from The Skatalites, Laurel Atken, Baba Brooks and Tommy McCook to name a few.